1. "God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress"

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  3. mrkcfan said: Hi would u like to send me your KC top 10 from her records? see #kctumblr2014 or my blog for more information ;)

    How can you ask something like that? It’s impossible to choose only 10 ‘cause all her songs are perfect!
    Haha I’m just kidding. Although that last part is true. All her songs are freaking perfect, and yeah, it wasn’t that easy to make my top 10 :) Anyway, it’s a cool idea and I’m totally in it. Thanks for the message! ;)

    Here’s my list:
    1. Maybe
    2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
    3 Sober
    4. Irvine
    5. Fading
    6. Honestly
    7. Hello
    8. Since U Been Gone
    9. Walk Away
    10. Don’t Let Me Stop You

    Honorable mentions: Can We Go Back, Low, People Like Us, You Can’t Win, You Love Me, I Hate Myself For Losing You

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  5. fuckyeahlinkinpark:

    Mike Shinoda interviews Brad Delson for Google Play.

    watch this interview. make gifs of it. love it. appreciate it.

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  7. because of you I am afraid

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